Our Story

Let’s be honest, the web is full of heart-breaking stories and meaningless mission statements created by marketing teams with the only one aim not to offend anybody. Big companies mission statements are boring, and the true goal is to sell more without having a great positive impact on people's lives or the environment. So when we started Proalab Limited back in 2017, we decided this would not be a classification for our company. For the last 5+ years, we have been building big and complex systems for enterprise, mobile applications, software and other things with only one goal in mind - it should make people life easier, save them time and money, so they can enjoy more time doing what important for them.

So, our main goal is to empower people to achieve more with technologies, solutions and software. Our main purpose is to make people's life easier and less stressful. Our ideology is simple - make products that will empower people to achieve more, and they will appreciate it.

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