Field Sales Route Planner

Route Planner for Field Sales & Sales Representatives

Traveling salesman problem is real. When you are doing field sales, every minute spent backtracking or getting stuck in traffic is a minute not spent with your potential customers. But planning the fastest route can be a hassle. While tools like Google Maps allow you to create a route with multiple stops, you have to know the right order of stops first. MyWay takes the thinking out of route planning. Have a list of multiple addresses to visit in a day? Simply snap a picture of all your stops and the app will automatically detect the addresses and optimize for the fastest route based on traffic, distance, and hundreds of other parameters. With built-in turn-by-turn navigation, there is no need to switch apps to get to your destination either. If traffic patterns change throughout the day, the app will dynamically optimize the route and give you an option to reorder stops on-the-fly. Field sales professionals use the MyWay route planner app to optimize their daily routes, minimize drive time, and save time & money. Don't go the extra mile. Go MyWay to your customers.

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