Upper vs MyWay Route Planner: Comparing Route Optimization Software

In this article, we will compare one route planning and optimization software, Upper, against our own platform, MyWay Route Planner.

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June 18, 2024
June 18, 2024

Upper is another route planning tool that is doing route optimization. However, unlike some route optimizers, which do only route optimization - Upper is route planning software that has some other things onboard like Proof of Delivery, and was designed especially for courier drivers.

This article's primary goal is to highlight the main features of two route planners - Upper and MyWay and help you understand which one suits your needs the best. We will walk you through features, usability, pricing tiers, and other aspects of Upper and MyWay apps and proof there is only one alternative for Upper Route Planner on the market.


So, if you're looking for a platform to help you with simple route planning and route optimization, you can download the MyWay Route Planner app from the Apple App Store (for iPhone/iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android,). Upper also has an iOS app and Android app, as well as web version. Our experience tells us in our days' the web version is not a must (after all, iPad even replaced bulk and complex cash registers), but having a web version can be pretty handy in some cases.

Upper Route Planner

If you look on an Upper website, you can find articles when they compare their solution to others like Circuit, Route4Me, RoadWarrior, etc. We also spent some time on our own trying to figure out what unique features Upper offers or if they have any advantages over competitors. When you read the Upper website you will be able to find that:

Okay, not sure why they show it as a main advantage, as every route planner on the market allows you to use your favourite navigational software like Google Maps and Apple Maps. From our point of view, where they are actually good is in dispatch. It looks very decent, with many good options in place. Web UI looks simple and clean. Overall, Upper has a pretty solid pack of features available - all must things are there, but there are no cutting edge technologies or magical solutions in place.

Upper Route Planner

MyWay Route Planner

MyWay Route Planner has on-board some great features which will have you covered regardless of your work industry. MyWay will have you covered if you work in sales, pest control, real estate, etc. It suits those who work in delivery and those who simply need to visit multiple places during the day.

One of the best features MyWay has is customizable fields, which you can set up for your specific needs. This feature will allow you to have personalized, unique data fields to simplify your operations. In addition to that, MyWay also has some route optimization settings that can change route optimization to work better for your needs. Also, MyWay supports two mods: map and list, which you can choose based on your preference. They are both designed for different needs and can make your life easier when delivering parcels or simply visiting stops.

MyWay Route Planner


Upper Route Planner

Upper user interface will look familiar to anyone who has been using Windows 8. Most of the elements and design patterns will remind you of those days. We have tried to use a lot of Route Planners (and after all, we have been building one), but so far, Upper Route Planner is one of the worst from a usability point of view. Basic iOS gestures are working incorrectly or not working at all, windows animation effects simply do not exist, and the app does not allow you to close or drag screens with a swipe gesture, so you have to find that button which will close it for you.
In addition to a user interface, there are significant issues with route optimization. Some route optimization options seem like do not do much. For example, optimize for shortest/fastest works, but if you optimize for the shortest, it will be a really, really long trip. Many vehicle types Upper has - seem like do not work or make a little effect (if any) on route. We feel ashamed we have to write this about a fellow route planner, but it is how it is.

Upper Route Planner user interface

MyWay Route Planner

If we talk about usability and user experience, you can find that MyWay is a much better looking and working route planner. The interface is nice and simple. All swipe gestures are working like in the native iOS app. All critical information is highlighted, so it's pretty easy to find it. The important user interface parts are not hidden behind endless scrolls, etc.

All it's being said, the MyWay is optimized for driver operation efficiency. MyWay Route Planner saves you a second here, half a second there when you perform simple operations (like closing stops). Overall on a route with hundreds of stops, you will save 3-5 minutes on average - yes, it does not feel much, but trust me, when you use the app every day, it makes a huge difference. Try it yourself and see.

MyWay Route Planner user interface


Upper and MyWay Route Planner have similar pricing structures, but very different prices. Upper, same as MyWay, has a Monthly Premium plan and Yearly Premium plan. Let's dive into each.

Upper Route Planner

The Upper Essential plan is an Upper Premium that allows you to optimize up to 250 stops. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to use stop time windows or parcel locations, so you must pay for Growth plan if you want those. Upper set of features is pretty long, it feels like a lot included, but reality is - it is artificially grown list. Everyone else offers same or even bigger. Actuall important features are being part of Growth, but all indeed are only included in Enterprise. Users can try Upper for seven days trial and then have to choose some premium plan.

MyWay Route Planner

MyWay Route Planner pricing structure is pretty simple. On a free plan, you can get up to 20 stops without no other features being limited. MyWay Route Planner has three types of premium subscriptions: 3 days plan, a 1-month plan, 1-year plan. Each plan has a limit of 200 stops and no other limitations. So all you need is to choose how many stops you need to optimize and pick the cadence you want to pay for (or use it for free).

MyWay Route Planner Pricing

Final Thoughts: Upper vs MyWay

Both Upper and MyWay use robust routing algorithms when it comes to route planning and optimization. However, the clear winner is MyWay, as it considers all route optimization settings. Upper has more settings than MyWay, but it seems like some of these do not change anything (even when they clearly have to). Both Upper and MyWay can save time and money to the driver or small business owner.

Feature Upper Route Planner MyWay Route Planner
Free Plan Seems like No Up to 20 stops
Premium Plan Up to 500 stops on a Premium plan Up to 200 stops on a Premium plan
Premium Plan Cost $39.99 USD per month $9.99 USD per month
Premium Plan 2 More features are included, Enterprise plan has all features Same as Premium
Premium Plan 2 Cost $49.99 USD per month for Growth plan, Enterprise price is unknown $9.99 USD per months
All features included in all premium plans? No, it depends on a plan Yes
Availability Web interface, iOS and Android apps iPhone/iPad, Android

Upper Route Planner has a clean advantage of having a web version and a one-click despatch product, but it is also more expensive. However, upper also offers some nice features like most of the route planners on the market, and overall the package is good.

The MyWay Route Planner app is a much cheaper alternative but, unfortunately, does not have a web version and, at this stage, is missing some features which can be handy for the enterprise.

If you try to find the best solution for your route optimization, you probably want to decide what is more essential for you. Have all things Upper offers in a package for high tier price (but you have to deal with its downsides), or choose MyWay and have a great driver app (but the lack of a web version and some other features for now).

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