Routific vs MyWay Route Planner: Comparing Route Optimization Software

In this post, we’re going to be comparing route optimization software Routific, against our own platform, MyWay Route Planner.

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April 3, 2024
April 3, 2024

Routific is a route optimization platform that offers route monitoring (what they call Live Tracking), customer updates, and proof of delivery. Routific is another web-based delivery planning software, but it has a dedicated mobile app that helps drivers go on routes. Unfortunately, the Routific app does not allow you to build and optimize routes on your phone, so you must use a web portal.

MyWay Route Planner does not have a web version, and couriers can perform any sort of operations from their phones. When Routific creates a separation between an operator and a courier, MyWay does allow the courier to be an operator.

In this article, we will compare Routific and MyWay core features and pricing, while showing you how each can help your delivery team. Although honestly, the two platforms are pretty different, they serve the same purpose but do that in different ways, so hopefully, after reading this article, you should be able to choose the tool that's right for your team.



Routific lets you optimize routes for either time (quickest route possible) or distance (shortest route possible). First, you select which stops are of the highest priority. Then, if a route gets behind schedule, Routific will optimize the route to make sure high-priority stops are still completed on time.

Routific is a pretty solid route optimization platform with a lot of features, and a lot of companies across the globe have been using it for route optimization. The one of the most important features Routific provides is Route Monitoring (they call it Live Tracking). And there are some critical differences between what Routific offers and what other delivery route planning solutions offer when it comes to monitoring ongoing routes.

Live Tracking follows a driver's progress and takes into account two actions:

  1. When a driver marked a stop as completed
  2. When a driver marked a stop as skipped.

Routific Live Tracking

The vertical blue line is the current time. Green boxes represent completed stops. While red boxes are incomplete stops (so your driver marked the stop as skipped), and yellow boxes are late stops (stops that were completed but behind schedule). So, Routific knows when a stop was completed, if a stop was skipped, and if a stop is likely to be late. In our classification, live Tracking based on action is not actually Live Tracking, but it's good enough if you need to keep the operator updated.

Another decent feature Routific has is notifications. There are four different types of notifications: Planned Delivery

(A notification goes out to your customers when you publish routes through your dashboard), Out for delivery (sent when a package is 30 minutes out from its final destination), After Delivery (Once the delivery is completed and the driver hits Confirm Completion on the Routific app, a customer gets a final notification), and Canceled delivery.

MyWay Route Planner

In opposite to Routific - MyWay Route Planner is an iOS app that works on your phone. It has some great features that will make the whole delivery process looks easy. Suppose you're looking for a platform to help you with simple route planning and route optimization. In that case, it's much easier to start with MyWay Route Planner app, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store (for iPhone/iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android). MyWay features set is pretty solid and will have you covered for all delivery operations. MyWay will work better for companies with decentralized operations and for those where couriers are working independently.

MyWay Route Planner does not have a web version and does not create a separation between the courier and logistic operator.

MyWay Route Planner



Speaking of usability, we must say it's pretty hard to compare the mobile version MyWay has with Routific web and mobile version because Routific web and mobile serve different purposes. In the Routific web, you build routes and have an interface to track the progress, so the operator can see what is going on in almost live time (when the courier performs actions). In Roufitic mobile - the courier can follow the route and perform some operations but does not have full control of a route. All it means is that for successful operations with Routific, you need two sorts of apps (web and mobile) and have to learn both if your business is one-man business. Another thing to mention is that their mobile app is currently in beta mode, which means it can be unavailable to use or has some issues from time to time. After the mobile app leaves the beta stage, it will be a much better user experience as the courier will be covered with a specially designed app to simplify their operations.

Routific user interface

MyWay Route Planner

As we mentioned before, MyWay does not have a web version. Still, If we talk about the courier experience, you can find thatMyWay is the app which is optimized for operation efficiency. The interface is straightforward and eye appealing. All critical information is highlighted, so it's pretty easy to find it. The majority of gestures are intuitive, and you will not spend hours looking for that one crucial setting you need. MyWay does allow you not just to build a route on your phone (unlike Routific) but also allows you to track it so you can get valuable insights about the way you deliver things.

MyWay Route Planner UI



Routific offers two standard pricing tiers: the Essentials plan and the Professional plan. Both tiers are per vehicle per month, with the main difference being that the Essentials plan doesn't offer live delivery status tracking for your customers. Routific also offers a premium option, a custom pricing option that requires you to reach out to the Routific sales team for details. Unfortunately, Routific does not have a free plan you can use, but there is a 7 days trial available if you want to subscribe to premium.

Routific pricing

MyWay Route Planner

MyWay Route Planner pricing structure is pretty simple. You can enjoy a free plan with no features or amount of routes limited. On a free plan, you can get up to 20 stops. MyWay Route Planner has three types of premium subscriptions: 3 days plan, a 1-month plan, 1-year plan. Each plan has a limit of 200 stops and no other limitations. Simple, choose how many stops you need to optimize and pick the best plan for you.

MyWay Route Planner Pricing

Final Thoughts: Routific vs MyWay

When it comes to route planning and optimization, both Routific and MyWay use robust routing algorithms, which help drivers save time and money daily.

Feature Routific MyWay Route Planner
Free Plan No Up to 20 stops
Premium Plan Cost Essential plan - $39 USD per vehicle / month $9.99 USD per month
Premium 2 Plan Cost Professional plan - $59 USD per vehicle / month $9.99 USD per month
Easily import orders Only on premium plans (Essential, Professional) On all plans
Track drivers progress with GPS Only on Professional plan No
Customer Notifications Only on Professional plan, for an additional $19 USD per vehicle / month No
Availability Web interface, iOS and Android apps are in beta iPhone/iPad, Android

Okay, so Routific is like an enterprise solution for those delivery companies with a base of operations in their office and require a centralized operational centre. It is solid, has many features like live Tracking and notifications and overall, the whole experience of using the web version is pretty decent. If you don't mind paying a high tear to Routific and absolutely must have some features like courier tracking and notifications, as well as understand the expenses on Routific support will be higher (as per required stuff and more complex operations), Routific is a better choice here.
MyWay Route Planner, on the other hand, is less like an enterprise solution and is going to work better for independent couriers and small companies. It has all required features except live monitoring and notifications and some othere like ability to build routes and reoptimize them on a phone. MyWay is also a much more affordable option comparing with Routific.

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