Zeo vs MyWay Route Planner: Comparing Route Optimization Software

In this post, we’re going to be comparing one route planning and optimization software, Zeo, against our own platform, MyWay Route Planner.

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May 7, 2024
May 7, 2024

Regardless of the type of business you are in, you need an efficient route if you need to travel. Whether as a delivery driver, field sales, building inspections, etc., you can cut costs and improve your business profitability if you use optimization software. Of course, it's not a must to use software, but no one was ever complaining about saving a few bucks and a few hours off work. There are free options to choose from, like Google Maps, when you need to become "a planner" and try to find the best possible route by dragging stops back and forth. There is also a better way - you can use tools specially designed to make it for you for a small fee or even free. Exciting?

This article's primary goal is to tell you about two apps which can do it for you and highlight the main features of each, helping you understand which one suits your needs the best. We will take a deep dive and compare the features, usability, pricing tiers, and other aspects of Zeo Route Planner and MyWay apps. Let's begin.


Zeo Route Planner

This is going to be quick. Zeo Route Planner is pretty decent software. It has a web version, iOS, and Android apps. It's pretty good-looking and has everything that a great delivery route planner must-have. Also, one of its great features is route tracking, so you actually will know the distance you travelled and how much time that will take if you want the app to constantly have access to your geolocation and do not mind draining the battery of your device quickly. The downside we see is that the data Zeo collects about your trips are not greatly represented for you. The app collects data about you and your journeys, shows you a little in return, and then... nothing. It's like you are sharing your stories with someone for a few hours, and the only one word they give you as feedback is - OK.
One more important feature missing is the ability to add custom fields to the stops. The data on a stop is pretty limited, so if you want to have all information assigned to a stop, you will not be able to do so. We noticed the data on a stop is enough for delivery drivers but not at all for other types of businesses.

Zeo Route Planner

MyWay Route Planner

The opposite of Zeo - MyWay Route Planner has some great features that will have you covered regardless of your work industry. It can suit those who work in delivery and simply need to visit multiple places during the day. One of the best features MyWay has is customizable fields, which you can set up for your specific needs. This feature will allow you to have personalized, unique data fields to simplify your operations. MyWay will have you covered if you work in sales, pest control, real estate, etc. Zeo Route Planner claims the same, but you will be able to see for yourself that it's not enough.  It also has pretty good statistics and provides you will all the data you will capture while doing the delivery process.

MyWay Route Planner


Zeo Route Planner

Zeo Route Planner interface will be familiar to everyone who has been using SaaS systems. The interface is pretty clean, and the animations are good and smooth. However, we noticed a few minor issues when performing basic operations (like when you add stops from the map screen - you see stops being added, but it's not showing on the map). Also, sometimes the app has minor glitches and ruins the consistency of responses (you could add 20 stops without any issues, but on the 21st, it just decides to stop working). We believe all it comes from Zeo's constant desire to constantly add bells and whistles to the app. Zeo has many complex features, but compatibility is not there... yet.

Zeo Route Planner interface

MyWay Route Planner

In MyWay, we believe that the drivers are the ones who face the real challenge while delivering the packages, so everything we do for the driver. MyWay does not have all bells and whistles Zeo has, but it all works as smooth as possible. From our point of view, MyWay is much better optimized for operation efficiency. MyWay is also simpler to use. It does not drop on you all the information it has. All critical information is highlighted, and all other information is hidden but easily accessible. It's a little easier to read from MyWay than from Zeo. We think Zeo and MyWay are both good-looking from the interface perspective, but MyWay is a little more "modern".

MyWay Route Planner user interface


Both Zeo Route Planner and MyWay Route Planner have similar premium tiers, with the difference being a feature set and the number of stops available for optimization. In addition, both have a Free plan, Monthly plan and Yearly plan. So let's find out the difference.

Zeo Route Planner

Zeo Route Planner free tier allows you to optimize up to 12 stops without any other limits. All its features are available on a Free plan, which is great. To be honest, these days, it's a pretty great offer. Unfortunately, the majority of route planners are not so generous. The cheapest premium starts from 15 USD a month and allows you to optimize up to 2000 stops per route. That is insane! If they actually use roads and directions to build routes and not simply calculate distance based on a direct air connection (without taking into account the actual roads), it's a clear winner across all route planners.

Zeo Route Planner pricing

MyWay Route Planner

MyWay Route Planner pricing structure is pretty simple. On a free plan, you can get up to 20 stops without no other features being limited. MyWay Route Planner has three types of premium subscriptions: 3 days plan, a 1-month plan, 1-year plan. Each plan has a limit of 200 stops and no other limitations. So all you need is to choose how many stops you need to optimize and pick the cadence you want to pay for (or use it for free).

MyWay Route Planner pricing

Final Thoughts: Zeo vs MyWay

When it comes to route planning and optimization, both Zeo and MyWay use robust routing algorithms, which help drivers save time and money daily. Zeo has a few more features, but it is also more expensive.

Feature Zeo Route Planner MyWay Route Planner
Free Plan Up to 12 stops Up to 20 stops
Premium Plan Up to 2000 stops on a Premium plan Up to 200 stops on a Premium plan
Premium Plan Cost $15 USD per month $9.99 USD per month
Premium Plan Cost $150 USD per year $79.99 USD per year
All features included in a Premium plan? Yes Yes
Availability Web interface, iOS and Android iPhone/iPad, Android

Zeo has a clean advantage of having a web version, distance tracking and amount of stops it can optimize. Zeo has all the necessary features for delivery drivers but lacks functionality for those who work in sales, property management, small business delivery teams, etc. In addition, it's 50% more expensive than MyWay Route Planner.

The MyWay Route Planner app is explicitly designed for delivery drivers and delivery businesses and covers those who work in sales, property management, service companies, telcos, etc. It looks simpler and more robust with a more modern user interface and is well optimized for operation efficiency. It is also cheaper and better for those who want to improve their delivery practice by looking at the statistics after the delivery process is finished.

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