RoadWarrior vs MyWay Route Planner: Comparing Route Optimization Software

In this article, we will compare one route planning and optimization software, RoadWarrior, against our own platform, MyWay Route Planner.

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June 18, 2024
June 18, 2024

Regardless of the type of business, you are in — If you need to travel, you need an efficient route. Whether as a delivery driver, field sales, building inspections, etc. — you'll need to use route optimization software to save your time and cut fuel costs. Planning routes manually is never guaranteed to get you the fastest and the most efficient route possible, even when you're using mapping tools or navigational software like Google Maps.

The good news, there are various route planning tools to choose from. In this post, we're going to be comparing one route planning software, RoadWarrior, against our own platform, MyWay.

This article's primary goal is to highlight the main features of each, helping you understand which one suits your needs the best. We will take a deep dive and compare the features, usability, pricing tiers, and other aspects of RoadWarrior and MyWay apps. Let's begin.


So, if you're looking for a platform to help you with simple route planning and route optimization, you can download the MyWay Route Planner app from the Apple App Store (for iPhone/iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android). The same stands for RoadWarrior, but RoadWarrior also has a web version. Our experience tells us in our days web version is not a must (after all, iPad even replaced bulk and complex cash registers), but having a web version can be pretty handy in some cases.

RoadWarrior Route Planner

RoadWarrior also has Team RoadWarrior, and that's what you need if you want to optimize routes for multiple drivers. Team RoadWarrior is a platform for dispatchers, transferring the routing software capabilities from the app into a web-based application. Here, the dispatcher or manager can plan routes, assign routes to drivers, and manage or update routes that are in progress. One of the key benefits of Team is that you can group routes into zones, meaning you can schedule certain drivers into their preferred parts of a town or city.

It's a pretty good feature to have, especially if you have many drivers in your organization, but it also makes the whole solution bulky and hard to adopt. So if you have less than 50 drivers in your organization or do not have a dedicated person who can become a subject-matter expert, we would recommend starting small. You always can make your life more complicated in the future but in the beginning, start with a solution which simply easy to use, like a mobile app.

In general, RoadWarrior Route Planner has a pretty good set of features on board. It will suit pretty much anyone who wants to use it for delivery. However, it is going to fail a little when you want to use it for other things. If you work in sales, pest control, real estate, etc., you will find out there is simply not enough data which has to be stored for those "other than delivery businesses".

RoadWarrior Route Planner

MyWay Route Planner

In opposite to RoadWarrior - MyWay Route Planner has some great features which will have you covered regardless of your work industry. It can suit those who work in delivery and those who simply need to visit multiple places during the day. One of the best features MyWay has is customizable fields which you can set up for your specific needs. This feature will allow you to have that personalized, unique set of data fields to simplify your operations.

In addition to that, MyWay also has some route optimization settings that can change route optimization to work better for you. You can save even more time importing spreadsheet lists of delivery addresses.

MyWay Route Planner


RoadWarrior Route Planner

RoadWarrior has a classic (some people call it old) user interface. The majority of applications which were released on the iPhone 4 had the same interface. Yes, it's not the prettiest interface on a planet, but it works. The major downside of it - it's not intuitive. It does take time to understand a layout, and it takes even more time (sometimes too much) to figure out where is what. On the other hand, it provides a lot of information that is pretty handy for any business, especially for couriers who handle many orders and stops. Still, it also makes the app pretty overloaded with data. From our point of view, it just drops on you a lot of info, without taking into account if you need it or not.

RoadWarrior Route Planner user interface

MyWay Route Planner

If we talk about usability and user experience, you can find that MyWay is much better optimized for operation efficiency. The interface is simple and straightforward, and the animations do not remind you of lag cartoons on paper. The interface is clean and eye appealing. All critical information is highlighted, so it's pretty easy to find it. All other information is hidden but easily accessible. The majority of gestures are intuitive, and you are not going to spend hours looking for that one important stop setting you need or spending hours figuring out how to add a Proof of Delivery.

All it's being said, it's actually easy to see a difference when you start using the app yourself. MyWay Route Planner saves you a second here, half a second there when you perform simple operations (like closing stops). Overall on a route with hundreds of stops, you will save 3-5 minutes on average - yes, it does not feel much but trust me, when you use the app every single day, it makes a huge difference.

MyWay Route Planner user interface


Ok, that's where it's started to be interesting. Both RoadWarrior and MyWay Route Planner have free plans, but MyWay Route Planner's free plan will give you up to 20 stops (compared to Route Warrior's 8 stops), and our "Pro" plan is $9.99 per month for routes up to 200 stops (* price varies by country). With MyWay Route Planner, both the free plan and the Pro plan, you can optimize an unlimited number of routes per day.

RoadWarrior Route Planner

RoadWarrior's Basic tier is free of charge and contains all the standard route optimization features for an individual driver. For example, drivers can enter addresses into the app (maximum of 8 stops per route, compared to 20 in MyWay), and the algorithm will calculate the most efficient path. With this Basic tier, you get a combined cap of just 48 daily optimized stops — whereas, on the MyWay Route Planner, there's no daily limit.

However, if you want to upload stops in bulk and if you're going to have access to reporting functionality, you'll need to pay $15 for the Pro subscription per month.This tier also increases your maximum route size to 200 stops, with a total cap of 500 daily stops. Both plans are limited to one individual driver. So for the same amount of money, you will get access to all bells and whistles MyWay Route Planner has, with a stop limit of 200 and no other limitations.

MyWay Route Planner

MyWay Route Planner pricing structure is pretty simple. You can enjoy a free plan with no features or amount of routes limited. On a free plan, you can get up to 20 stops. MyWay Route Planner has three types of premium subscriptions: 3 days plan, a 1-month plan, 1-year plan. Each plan has a limit of 200 stops and no other limitations. Simple, choose how many stops you need to optimize and pick the plan which works better for you.

MyWay Route Planner pricing

Final Thoughts: RoadWarrior vs MyWay

When it comes to route planning and optimization, both RoadWarrior and MyWay use robust routing algorithms, which help drivers save time and money daily.

Feature RoadWarrior Route Planner MyWay Route Planner
Free Plan Up to 8 stops Up to 20 stops
Premium Plan Up to 200 stops on a Pro plan Up to 200 stops on a Pro plan
Premium Plan Cost $14.99 per months up to 500 daily stops $9.99 per months up to unlimited daily stops
Teams Plan Up to 200 stops on a Team plan Up to 200 stops, same as Pro
Teams Plan Cost $14.99 per months + 14.99$ for every driver up to 500 daily stops per driver $9.99 per months up to unlimited daily stops
Routing w/ traffic, schedules, availability Yes Yes
Upload and reporting Only on Pro plan On every plan including Free
Dispatcher web app Only on Teams plan No
Track and monitor route progress Only on Teams plan No (* coming soon)
Licensed for multiple users Only on Teams plan Yes
Availability iPhone/iPad, Android, Web on Teams plan iPhone/iPad, Android (* coming soon)

RoadWarrior has a clean advantage of having a web version, but it is also more expensive. RoadWarrior also offers some nice features like spreadsheet uploading, zonal grouping, data sync, and reporting in its Team platform — but it lacks proof of delivery, delivery tracking, recipient updates, and other features that make delivery operations easier.

The MyWay Route Planner app is designed specifically for delivery drivers, and it's trusted by more than 10,000 drivers worldwide (and counting). It covers those who work in the delivery industry and those who work in sales, property management, small business delivery teams, etc. With a much easier interface and well optimized for operation efficiency, it looks simpler and more robust. Our goal in MyWay is to save time and money for our customers, and we're constantly talking to customers and developing new features based on their feedback.

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