Route4Me vs MyWay Route Planner: Comparing Route Optimization Software

In this post, we’re going to be comparing one route planning and optimization software, Route4Me, against our own platform, MyWay Route Planner.

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April 3, 2024
April 3, 2024

There are a lot of benefits of using route optimization software - you can save a lot of your time by following the most efficient route and money on fuel. There are many options to choose from. Some of those options work great for big (enterprise) companies. Some of those are better suitable for medium and small businesses, and those are smashing it for individuals. You can even use free tools like Google Maps, but using those means, you have to become an algorithm and try to find the best possible route by dragging stops back and forth.

This article's primary goal is to highlight the main features of one of the best route optimizers out there, Route4Me Route Planner, and compare it with MyWay Route Planner. Here we will take a deep dive and compare the features, usability, pricing tiers, and other aspects of Route4Me and MyWay apps, so let's begin.


Route4Me Route Planner, same as MyWay, are two route planners who are doing an incredible job of providing the best in class route optimization. The main difference between them is the area of use. From our point of view, one is doing a great job providing optimization for enterprises, and another one is working really well for small businesses and individuals. Do not take us wrong they both work great, but when we talk about the simplicity of use, there is a clear winner. You choose what is more important for you - features set or ease of use.

MyWay Route Planner app is available on an Apple App Store (for iPhone/iOS) and Google Play Store (for Android). Route4Me also has a web version and many features packaged as marketplace items. Our experience tells us that these days' the web version is not a must-have (after all, iPad even replaced bulk and complex terminals in banks), but the web version can be pretty handy in some cases.

Route4Me Route Planner

Route4Me has tons of features, which is great for those who don't mind spending a lot of time to have that perfect set-up in place. It offers route optimization, route monitoring, customer updates, and proof of delivery. Unfortunately, some of those features Route4Me has packaged as marketplace items, which can be confusing and can (will) affect the final pricing. We will talk about the pricing later; however, keep it in mind - you will pay for each and every feature out there. Flexibility is great, but it comes with a price.
Route4Me can work for any industry but is not well optimized for industries like sales, property management, healthcare, etc. If you use only the mobile app, it's optimized only for couriers. There is a way to make it more custom, but it means you will be on a Teams plan and have to pay for some items that are not part of the basic package. Route4Me is trying to be everything for everyone, and sometimes it works, but it means there are some compromises you have to feel.
The one positive thing which we would like to highlight is navigation. Route4Me has navigation on board, which will be valuable and handy for some people. Having navigation as part of the planner is a pretty good feature if you are fine with its limitations.

Route4Me Route Planner

MyWay Route Planner

MyWay Route Planner does not have that many features Route4Me has, but those it has are working really well. It works great for those in delivery, sales, pest control, telco and others, as it has customizable fields which you can set up for your specific needs. This feature will allow you to have that personalized, unique set of data fields to simplify operations in your industry. Also, because MyWay does not drop on you hundreds and thousands of feature combinations, it's simply the most effortless route planner you can start using today. Route4Me also has a simplified version for individual drivers. We will touch on it in the user experience section.

MyWay Route Planner


Route4Me Route Planner

RoadWarrior has a classic user interface. It will be pretty familiar for Windows users. However, it takes some time to figure out a layout, and it takes a lot of time to add stops one by one. Route4Me shows you a lot of pop-ups and some windows which are interrupting your operations (like subscribe to premium screen). There are some opportunities to improve the user interface, and if it can be a little less annoying, it would be great.

Route4Me Route Planner user interface

MyWay Route Planner

If we talk about usability and user experience, you can find that MyWay is much better optimized for operation efficiency. The interface is straightforward, and the animations are smooth. All critical information is highlighted, so it's pretty easy to find it. It does not look on a screen like a mess. Important labels are bold, icons look attached and make the menu items easily recognizable, and all gestures are intuitive. MyWay user interface is more  "modern".

All it's being said, it's easy to see a difference when you start using the app yourself. When you perform operations using MyWay, the app saves you a second here, half a second there. Overall on a route with hundreds of stops, you will save 3-5 minutes on average - it does not feel much, but when you use the app every day, it makes a huge difference.

MyWay Route Planner user interface


As we mentioned earlier, Route4Me has pretty basic packages for individual drivers and teams. The feature set is different for each type, and Route4Me has marketplace items that can dramatically change the whole pricing structure and the cost. MyWay on the opposite site is a simple, straightforward and cheap route planner.

Route4Me Route Planner

Route4Me’s pricing tiers include a level for single-person routes and a level for multi-person routes. Route4Me offers three tiers: the Route Management tier (which doesn’t feature route optimization), the Route Optimization tier (which only optimizes single-person routes), and the Route Optimization Plus tier. All three plans are a per-month fee.

Route4Me also has its marketplace, which has features you can add to your monthly plan. For example, they offer a near-real-time tracking add-on, where there isn’t a lag between what your driver is doing and what Route4Me is reporting. The subscription fee is based on your customizations, and you can select features by paying the price for each one.

The whole solution can become pretty expensive, and it's hard to estimate a cost in the first place. You might think you need only one license for a single driver, but when you add another one, you will become "a team", so instead of $15 bucks a month for one, you will pay $349/month because you need route optimization and multi-person routes. So it's not expensive to start but expensive to keep rolling.

Route4Me pricing

MyWay Route Planner

MyWay Route Planner pricing structure is pretty simple. On a free plan, you can get up to 20 stops with no features or amount of routes being limited. MyWay Route Planner has three types of premium subscriptions: 3 days plan, a 1-month plan, 1-year plan. Each plan has a limit of 200 stops and no other limitations. The yearly plan also allows you to save up to 50% off your expenses if you need a route optimization all year long. We try to keep route optimization affordable for everyone, so MyWay pricing tiers are one of those of the least expensive on the market.

MyWay Route Planner pricing

Final Thoughts: Route4Me vs MyWay

When it comes to route planning and optimization, both Route4Me and MyWay use robust routing algorithms, which help drivers save time and money daily.

Feature Route4Me Route Planner MyWay Route Planner
Free Plan Up to 10 stops Up to 20 stops
Premium Plan Up to unlimited stops but with some other limitations like route time Up to 200 stops on a Pro plan
Premium Plan Cost $9.99 per months $9.99 per months
Teams Plan Up to unlimited stops but with some other limitations like route time Up to 200 stops, same as Pro
Teams Plan Cost minimum $249 per months up to 10 drivers with route optimization $9.99 per months
All features included in a free plan? No, depends on a plan Yes
Licensed for multiple users Only on Teams plan Yes
Availability iPhone/iPad, Android, Web on Teams plan iPhone/iPad, Android

Route4Me is a great route planner and has a clear advantage of having a web version and a marketplace of features, but it is also much more expensive. It can work great for those who need an enterprise solution for their business and do not care much about the cost. The user interface needs some improvements, but you actually can live with it.

The MyWay Route Planner app is a simple, good-looking and affordable solution for individual drivers and small businesses. Unfortunately, it is missing some features desired by enterprise companies but has all essential things on board if you want to keep it simple. MyWay covers those who work in the delivery industry and those in sales, property management, small business delivery teams, etc. MyWay can be up to 5 times less expensive than Route4Me (per driver per month), and the cost is an important factor in small to medium businesses. Our goal in MyWay is to make it affordable for everyone to save time and money on route optimization. If you want to start saving, please download MyWay Route Planner today. The best time to save was yesterday. Another best time? Today!

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